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Network members share a vision for systems of pathways that operate at scale and equitably serve young people—and each member develops strategies and models for the work that are tailored to their specific state and regional goals, education and workforce systems, and labor market needs. Membership provides numerous opportunities for peer learning and collaboration, as members share successes and best practices—as well as challenges and lessons learned—across state and regional lines.

The Pathways to Prosperity Network builds and enhances members’ capacity to design, implement, improve, and scale state and regional pathways. The JFF/HGSE team offers ongoing technical assistance and coaching customized to each member’s vision, goals, and needs—including supporting state and regional cross-sector steering committees that lead and guide the work. In addition to participating in twice-yearly Network Institutes and having access to members-only Network resources, each member crafts an annual Pathways to Prosperity scope of work that details member-specific services and activities.


  • Strategic Planning and Development such as a map of how Pathways intersects with and advances the member’s other related federal, state, or regional policies and initiatives
  • Policy Development and Analysis such as an in-depth scan of pathways-related policy supports and barriers with advice on best policies and practices
  • Asset Mapping resulting in a report, executive summary, and presentation of key findings and recommendations for the design and implementation of pathways
  • Regional Pathways Design and Mobilization such as a mapping process to align curriculum or programs of study with employer needs 
  • Pathways Sustainability such as plans for communications and marketing and for long-term braided funding and fundraising

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Network members partner with JFF/HGSE for a minimum of three years, with fees in the first year of membership ranging from $100,000 to $200,000, depending on how the member decides to structure its commitment. As an initial step, state and regional leaders interested in Network membership may engage JFF/HGSE for a six-month planning period at a cost of $25,000. During this time, the JFF/HGSE team will facilitate a strategic planning process that identifies strengths to build on for the Pathways work and possible sources of funding to support the effort. 

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