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Possible Futures, Possible Selves

Possible Futures, Possible Selves is a career awareness and exploration program for middle school students developed by Pathways to Prosperity, a Jobs for the Future initiative that seeks to ensure that many more youth complete high school, attain postsecondary credentials with currency in the labor market, and launch careers while leaving open the prospect of further education. Adaptable to both in school and extended learning time (ELT) settings, Possible Futures responds to the national need to provide opportunities for young people, beginning in middle school, that: 

  • Encourage students to explore their different interests, talents, and options 
  • Expand career awareness through authentic experiences that occur in and out of school 
  • Enliven STEM subjects by connecting classroom learning to real-world and career contexts 
  • Empower students to develop essential 21st-century skills
  • Engage students in making informed choices about high school and postsecondary options 

Through structured college and career exploration experiences, Possible Futures aims to produce young professionals who are prepared to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Possible Futures Curricula

The Possible Futures program offers curricular modules for middle school teachers to download and use in classrooms and ELT contexts: STEM Career Awareness, Skills for Success, and Lenses on the Future

STEM Career Awareness enables students to:

  • Explore the roles of young STEM professionals using their knowledge, collaboration, and innovation to complete challenges based on relevant, real-world problems. These modules highlight the sectors of information technology, health sciences, and engineering.

Skills for Success prepares youth to:

  • Gain essential 21st century skills such as growth mindset, collaboration and communication abilities, problem solving, and self-regulation.

Lenses on the Future equips students to:

  • Chart a path to future success by identifying personal interests and strengths, researching various colleges and careers, and considering potential ways to contribute to society.

Stay tuned! We will continue to post curricula and other resources throughout the fall. Click below to view the current curricula uploaded to the site! 

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