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STEM Career Awareness

The Possible Futures STEM Career Awareness curriculum is an interdisciplinary, project-based module that enables youth to take on the roles of young STEM professionals. Students develop and apply core career-readiness competencies to real-world challenges in STEM fields, while also developing their ability to think critically, work collaboratively, and persist in the face of uncertainty and difficulty. The curriculum is tailored to both in-school and extended learning environments.

Extended Learning Time: For the extended learning time (ELT) environment, students will participate in engaging, hands-on experiences that will provide numerous opportunities for project-based learning. Each lesson begins with learners building background knowledge before diving into a practical lab or challenge that STEM professionals encounter daily in their training or in their working lives. Lessons conclude with a chance to reflect on exploring a future in STEM fields based on these practical experiences. The ELT modules include a total of 10 lessons.    

In-School: For the in-school environment, students will engage in project-based learning and STEM career awareness initiatives, while also focusing on developing proficiency in Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. These modules provide opportunities for young people to explore new academic territories in science, technology, and engineering that cross clusters. Each module contains 18-22 lessons.