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PtoP materials

Intermediaries are critical to building high quality regional work-based learning delivery systems. They can help streamline efforts, leverage resources, maximize employer partnerships, and ensure consistency and quality. This brief overview outlines the role of effective work-based learning...see more
November 16 9:10 AM
How might a pathways system fund a stand-alone intermediary or effectively redistribute intermediary functions among partners in the absence of a stand-alone intermediary? These slides help explore what funding mechanisms can be put in place to support intermediaries, the value of intermediaries,...see more
May 16 9:12 AM
Social capital plays a key sorting role in both college and labor market entry. A commonly held belief is that youth can go as far as their talent and ambition take them, but it is equally as true that youth can only go as far as their networks allow. Social capital is a useful concept in...see more
May 16 8:59 AM
The ability to sustain and grow grades 9-14 pathways depends on a key ingredient that is in critically short supply: a corps of instructors who have the qualifications and the skills to teach dually enrolled students and prepare them for further education and careers. This presentation shares...see more
May 10 12:18 PM
We all know the Pathways to Prosperity Network is creating incredible education and career opportunities for youth across the country. But how do you—especially with limited time and resources—get the word out to prospective schools, colleges, employers, and policymakers to join in or support the...see more
May 10 12:03 PM
How might you identify and implement technology to track and apply information about employer relationships and student experiences and outcomes in a scaled work-based learning system? JFF's Julia di Bonaventura and Jonathan Payne used these slides to lead a conversation about which data elements...see more
May 10 11:47 AM
JFF has worked with three sets of innovation teams representing school districts, high schools, and colleges to develop and test new models for redesigning the 12th grade to better support college and career readiness for all students. In this presentation, JFF and partners from Lee College and...see more
May 09 3:02 PM
All too often, work-based learning experiences are presented to young people as a series of activities on a checklist. Interest inventory? Check. Workplace tour? Check. Internship? Check. It’s true that these experiences are valuable to a young person as isolated or one-off activities. We see the...see more
May 09 2:51 PM
How might you generate and maintain commitment among secondary and postsecondary faculty and counselors to a comprehensive pathways strategy? JFF's Kyle Hartung used these slides to explore how to incentivize faculty and counselor commitment for pathways, the roles faculty and counselors play in...see more
May 09 2:46 PM
As JFF celebrates 35 years of designing, scaling, and in fluencing systems change in the U.S. education and workforce fields, Amy Loyd and Kyle Hartung share some highlights from JFF’s thinking about the future of education and workforce development....see more
May 09 2:38 PM