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This piece details how Parkway Center City Middle College, Philadelphia’s first early/middle college, is overcoming challenges and showing positive early outcomes for students....see more
August 08 1:39 PM
Illinois achieved a major milestone in its efforts to expand dual credit access and offerings with the adoption of the Model Partnership Agreement by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Community College Board. This blog from Education Systems Center at NIU, JFF's partner who...see more
August 06 9:27 AM
This document is intended for guidance counselors and pathways staff at Charlestown High School to support students in understanding the school's IT pathway options. It offers students logistical information about coursework and potential programs of study, career information, LMI, and advising....see more
July 24 9:32 AM
This brief is a guide for policymakers, education leaders, and business and industry stakeholders to better understand career connected learning: what it is, its benefits, why it matters, and how to support efforts to build and scale a career connected learning system in Washington state. It was...see more
July 25 8:09 AM
Robert Schwartz (Harvard Graduate School of Education and JFF) gives his take on why the pathways movement and the Pathways to Prosperity Network are so imperative in this keynote speech at the Careers Summity, sponsored by the Education Ministry in British Columbia, Canada. Make sure to check out...see more
July 01 8:55 AM
Zachary Adams, Ellen Bohle, and Jerre Maynor, Jr., of the Tennessee Department of Education present Tennessee Pathways' two-fold approach to supporting the statewide development of pathways that blur the line between CTE and general academic coursework so that all students have clear, guided...see more
May 21 7:22 AM
JFF’s policy lead, Lexi Barrett, shares an overview of JFF’s comprehensive state policy agenda, “Smart Postsecondary Policies that Work for Students and the Economy” and how it connects to college and career pathways. States can use this agenda as a roadmap for policy and systems change—and...see more
May 09 6:51 AM
The Pathways to Prosperity leadership team, Amy Loyd, Kyle Hartung, and Charlotte Cahill kicked off our Spring 2019 Institute in Chicago with a welcome and overview of the Pathways to Prosperity Network. They highlight broad trends in our pathways work and the broader pathways movement, including...see more
May 01 10:35 AM
Districts, regions, and states often struggle with limited budgets and little discretionary funding to support innovation and inspire new ideas. Thus, such entities often seek private philanthropic funding to support innovation and change; conversely, philanthropies with large endowments and...see more
May 01 9:42 AM
Large companies impatient with the shortage of college graduates who fit their hiring needs are designing their own education and training programs. Some partner with community colleges, for-profit colleges or workforce boards, while others are creating their own education academies. In this...see more
May 01 9:37 AM