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We often say that the Pathways work focuses on preparing young people for middle-skill jobs and careers in high-wage, high-demand fields. But not all middle-skill jobs are created equal. A recent analysis of resume data provides evidence that there are three different categories of middle-skill...see more
November 06 8:33 AM
College and career pathways systems promise to achieve audacious, complex outcomes, including increasing access and opportunity and ensuring that all people—especially those who have historically been excluded and stigmatized—can launch careers that provide a family-sustaining wage and gain access...see more
November 06 8:31 AM
Advising and student support represent one of the five key Pathways to Prosperity levers. This session, led by Gregory Seaton and Anna O’Connor of JFF, Anh Nguyen of the Parkway Center City Middle College, and Dave Thomas of the Community College of Philadelphia, outlined best student support and...see more
November 05 7:56 AM
These posters celebrate current members of the Pathways to Prosperity Network (as of Fall 2019), showcasing their recent initiatives, accomplishments, challenges, and upcoming priorities and goals.*Note: This PDF is compressed for file size. If you need a printable PDF of your poster, please email...see more
November 04 1:59 PM
Possible Futures is a customizable and modularized career awareness and exploration program for middle and early high school students. The program’s curriculum supports young professionals in building their knowledge and cultivating a sense of personal agency to direct their futures in relation to...see more
November 04 1:31 PM
Strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships between postsecondary institutions and employers are critical to the success of today’s students, companies, communities, and economy. This session—led by Julia di Bonaventura and Heather Johnson of JFF, Angie Kamath of CUNY, and Abby Jo Sigal and Abja...see more
November 04 1:25 PM
JFF's Kyle Hartung closed out the Fall 2019 Institute with closing remarks, prompting attendees to consider learnings to bring back to their work....see more
November 01 2:24 PM
Causal research is needed to determine what models of CTE result in positive postsecondary and employment outcomes for youth. Moreover, research is needed to ensure that CTE provides equitable opportunities and outcomes for youth from marginalized populations. Funded by the U.S. Department of...see more
November 01 2:11 PM
Institutions of higher education and high schools increasingly recognize the importance of providing students with workplace experiences so that they will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the quickly changing world of work. Yet we are far from supplying internships at any scale, so how...see more
November 01 2:05 PM
To thrive in today’s society and obtain employment and economic security, people must regularly update and upgrade what they know and can do. This requires that quality learning is available to anyone, wherever they are and whenever they need it—a high bar to reach. In pursuit of this audacious...see more
November 01 1:59 PM