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This is the member website for JFF's Pathways to Prosperity Network. Network members can log in to access exclusive content.

Today, young people need both cross-cutting skills and specialized knowledge to thrive in our rapidly changing economy. Business and industry leaders require fresh talent to innovate and grow. JFF's Pathways to Prosperity Network is leading a national movement to reimagine how we prepare youth for the future of work. Launched in 2012, it is a collaboration of JFF, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and states and regions across the country.

JFF's Pathways to Prosperity Network develops, implements, and scales college and career pathways to expand economic opportunity for all young people and meet regional talent needs. This forward-looking approach depends on strong cross-sector partnerships. The network mobilizes K–12 and postsecondary education leaders, policymakers, and employers, bringing together diverse stakeholders to build a future that works.

Learn more and see the latest from JFF's Pathways to Prosperity team at www.jff.org/pathwaystoprosperity.

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