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The Pathways to Prosperity Network—a collaboration of Jobs for the Future, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and member states and regions—is building systems of grade 9-14+ STEM college and career pathways. Our pathways create new opportunities for young people, provide employers with a talent pipeline of young professionals, and strengthen state and regional economies.

About the network

Why Pathways?

More than half of young Americans reach their mid-twenties without the skills and credentials needed for success in today’s demanding economy. By 2020, 65% of jobs will require postsecondary credentials, especially in high-demand STEM fields, which have rewarding career opportunities for people with two-year degrees and industry-recognized credentials. Yet the postsecondary attainment rate in the U.S. is only 45%, and low-income students often struggle to gain access to postsecondary education. We must improve how our education system—from K-12 through college—partners with employers and prepares our young people for success, and Pathways to Prosperity aims to do just that.

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College completetion rates are alarmingly low

Four-year institutions

Two-year institutions

Joining the Network

Members of the Network join a community of states and regions that are leading a national college and career pathways movement working to achieve a shared vision:

  • Every young person has clear college and career goals and the supports to achieve them.
  • Every employer has a talent pipeline of young professionals with the skills needed to contribute to and lead the workforce.
  • Every regional and state economy is thriving and providing opportunities for upward mobility to its citizens.

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Apr 12, 2018

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